Explained: Validators on the Helium blockchain

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With the exponential growth of the Helium network, also lovingly known as The People’s Network, due to thousands of new Helium Hotspot Miners coming online every day, new challenges arise. Network congestion threatens the smooth creation of new blocks, requiring new solutions to assure stability and quality of the network. One of the relatively new improvements to counter congestion and spread the workload is the introduction of Validators. But what exactly are Validators? Let’s dive in.

What are Helium Validators?

Validators are simply new class of actors introduced to the helium blockchain network. This new addition are staked actors introduced to run on a stronger hardware with a more sophisticated network connection than the prevailing unsustainable hotspots.

There is no better alternative for large network development which beats switching block production onto the bigger and very secure CPUs. Users can host software’s (Validator nodes) enabling them to handle the validation of transactions and to add new blocks to the helium blockchain.

The process establishes a clear cut separation of roles between spot owners and validator runners; two roles that should have a clear dichotomy. In addition to this, the addition of full nodes and more light gateways gives the helium network better scalability.

Validator nodes are a new introduction on the Helium Blockchain saddled with the task of executing consensus group work. This performance covers tasks such as verifying transactions, and adding new blocks to the blockchain. Validators simply help distribute the network.

The core mandate of helium Validators is to participate in block productions, and subsequently stand in as proxy for the lightweight gateways.

In this clearly defined process, that requires a 10,000 HNT commitment which runs for around 5 months (250,000 blocks), users invest this stake on the helium blockchain thereby contributing to network scalability, and as a reward earn HNT with a massive return on investment projection.

What are the rewards for being a Validator?

The conceptualization of Validators emerged because the running of block production directly on the Hotspot network cannot be sustained. The frustrating extended block interval times, the limited size of the group which easily comprises security, and other setup complexity makes generating a PoC (proof-of-coverage) corresponding receipt a difficult task. However, beyond all these, the excitement generated by the introduction of Helium Validators is the impressive returns on investment. The reward curve is one to be desired by every investors.

We must consider the fact that Helium Validators emerged because there must be a reliable alternative to the regular Hotspot for block production if the consequential loss of 6% of total HNT mined will be avoided. The rewards of being a Validator begins with the avoidance of the loss of this HNT flow (6%), gaining operational blockchain experience, and creating an interest outside the community. Even though the initial commitment may be a bit high for 10,000 HNT currently hoisted at around $31.51 per HNT (implying $315,151 investment) in addition to the cost of ordering large number of hotspots, the potential rewards are manifold.

How to become a Validator

Becoming a validator simply requires staking the stipulated HNT, and having adequate technical skill. The process of becoming a validator is initiated through staking. The Helium Validator network elects the eligible validators to the consensus group. Once a blockchain period is completed, previously elected group members are unelected, and new members are elected. From the onset, the rewards which accrue to the consensus group may be accessed and the HNT staked remains locked while the validator node is active.

The practicality of the process starts with the creation of a new ledger entry for the Validators. The new ledger entry indicates the stake level of validator, the owning account, and all accompanying metadata. The HNT earned is immediately channelled into the owning account becoming instantly liquid.

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