Helium Miner Upgrade

Helium Miner Antenna Upgrade

By replacing the standard antenna of a Helium Miner and placing it outdoor, you can increase the amount of HNT it earns.

The standard antennas that come with a Miner have a strength of between 2-4 dBi. Replacing the antenna with a stronger 6.5 or more dBi antenna, you can increase the range and therefore the amount of HNT a Miner can earn.

All the required accessories to optimize a Helium Hotspot Miner can be found in our trusted partner webshop Ideetron. Here you can find 3, 6.5 & 10 dBi antennas with the best prices and low shipping fees.

Ideetron helium miner antenna upgrade

Helium miner upgrade HNT hotspot antenna outdoor enclosure

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