M2 Pro – LPWAN Multi Token Crypto Miner

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The most popular 3 in 1 crypto miner is available now

Continue your mining-from-home adventure with the M2 Pro – LPWAN Multi Token Crypto Miner. The world’s most popular 3 in 1 coin miner. Earn Bitcoin, $MXC, $DHX and soon $DOT simultaneously with 1 simple plug & play device.

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Plug, scan & play

No previous experience with mining required. The M2 Pro is designed to provide maximum output for minimal effort. Manage your miner with the easy to use mobile phone application.

Negligible power consumption

Where Proof of Work miners require tremendous amount of electricity, the M2 Pro only consumes between 3.5 – 6W, about the amount of a lightbulb.

Positive reviews & fast shipping

The fast growing MatchX M2 Pro community is overwhelmingly positive about this revolutionary miner. Order yours today and shipping takes places within 7- 8 weeks, much faster than other miners. Placing a large order (10+)? Contact us and we will arrange faster shipping.

Buy matchx M2 Pro crypto miner

Smart City building from home

By installing an M2Pro, you assist in building the revolutionary Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network that is being created by the MXC Foundation. This free decentralised IoT network will be made available for everyone to use.

Comprehensive whitepaper

Learn all about MatchX’s ambitions and the specifications of the M2 Pro Miner in the one-pager whitepaper found here.

European design

Designed by German engineers, the MatchX M2 Pro Miner comes with impeccable European quality, 2 years warranty and fast shipping from local warehouses.

Industrial solutions

Traffic & street light optimisation, smarte waste management, sensor data collection, pollution control, smart parking… just to name a few applications for the LPWAN that the MatchX gateways make possible.

buy matchx m2 pro

Ready, steady – Mine!